6 Best free domain name links

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6 Best free domain name links

  1. Dot TK : free website, with a short name whatever you like, very easy and does not need to login
  2. bitrix24First, form generator is WYSIWYG, meaning you don't need to know HTML or PHP - the embed code will be generated form you. It's also CMS agnostic, so it works for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify - whatever, second, you can use Bitrix24 forms without a website, Bitrix24 gives you unlimited submissions and fields. Field rules (conditional logic) and post submit actions are also available for free users. third, you can create any form for your website - email subscription, registration, contact, quote request, feedback, online ordering, product catalog, helpdesk, resume submission, etc. Because forms are a part of Bitrix24 CRM, which is also free, all information is stored in one place.
  3. FreeDomainPro : .CO.NR Free Domain Name project was developed to provide free domain names or free subdomains with .CO.NR domain extension to those who wish to get a cool and totally free website address, i.e. a free short URL that looks exactly like a real paid domain name.
  4. getfreedomain :  the most extensive, up-to-date list of free domains and subdomains on the Internet.
  5. Freenom : fast and anonymous Public DNS resolver
  6. Biz.ly : Biz.ly offers free website hosting services that provide 50MB of free web space and 1000MB of monthly data transfer, and easy to use web site building tools with many free web templates to create you free site and to store your files, family photos, etc. Biz.ly also provides free blogs builder, guestbook, visitors counter, webrings, and more


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